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Going to Worship or Going Through the Motions?


What does worship look like for you? Is it a prayer? Is it a song? What kind of response rises up within your heart to God’s great faithfulness and creative power at work in your life? Bottom line: If your idea of leading worship is to make great music and to lead a great song, […]

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2-7-16 YouVersion Worship Devotionals!


🎉 Over 5,000 Completions in 2 Weeks! 🎉 Three Day Plan / The Heart Of A Worshiper By Branon Dempsey The Heart Of A Worshiper is our first release from our growing series of devotionals offered on For Worship Leaders, Musicians, Pastors, Singers and Worship/Music Lovers! Why You Need to Get This Devotional: God is seeking worship from […]

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020516 1John416

#DontNitPick (Video Below) Do you ever feel that you get pinned to the wall in ministry? Does it feel like when you’re trying to minister, you have those little birds watching your every move, all to come against you at every turn?  God has made you a minister to hearts and souls, beyond others who […]

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Seven Killers Of The Voice


#Sing2TheLord (Video Below) Most singers work very hard on their voice all to find out when they get in-front of a mike, everything goes out the window. True or False? It depends on the singer’s confidence and vocal ability. Fear is the #1 killer of good vocal singing, so lend me your ear to help […]

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Living Worship In 48 Hours

020316 Ephesians41

#Worship48Hours (Video Below) A lot can be said in 48 hours. It’s no surprise that much of our time is spent on Facebook, Twitter, and our devices/phones. We follow friends, trends and links, but how is our following of Jesus? As leaders living in the blur of the virtual world and the real world, we […]

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Episode 2-3-16 | Lara Marriott: (Vocals) “Connect with God’s Heart in Worship”

Hangout 2-3_16

Join us for Episode 2-3-16 with Lara Marriott! A word on vocals and how we can better connect with the church in worship. 11am CST Live on 2-3-16 Right Here! QUESTIONS: 1. What does it actually mean to connect with God? 2. How does abiding in Christ help us connect? 3. What role does submission […]

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Episode 1-20-16 | Season 5: Kim Bontrager “Who Has Your Attention?”

Hangout 1_20_16

Kim Says: “We need to tune in to the culture of our church in order to lead them well.” Join us with Special Guest: Kim Bontrager QUESTIONS: 1. As worship leaders and worship planners, where are we to place our attention? God is the primary ‘audience’ of our worship services. Corporate worship must be aimed […]

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Episode 1-6-16 | Season 5: Scott Couchenour “Conquering Leader Burnout”

Hangout 1_6_16

Scott Says: “The influence of a worship leader for the Kingdom rises and falls on how he/she handles the stress.” Join us with Special Guest: Scott Couchenour QUESTIONS: 1. What is burnout? 2. How do I know if I’m burning out? 3. I’m burned out. How do I get healthy? 4. I’m not burned out. […]

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Episode 12-23-15 Cynthia Cullen + Christmas Celebration

Hangout 12_23_15

Episode 12-23-15 Cynthia Cullen + Christmas Celebration Returning Guest Cynthia Cullen and the WTT Hangout Crew will celebrate the year of what God has done in this year-end review / Christmas Hangout! Topics Covering: Worship Leading Problems, Awkward Moments and the Victories God brings us through as we lead life and live worship. Join us […]

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Episode 12-16-15 | Lara Marriott “Everyone Can Sing”


Episode 12-16-15 Lara Marriott “Everyone Can Sing” Can everyone sing? How can you help that person who wants to join your praise team that isn’t quite ready? Can you go from “tone deaf” to “on pitch”? QUESTIONS: 1. How can you help that person who wants to join your praise team that isn’t quite ready? […]

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