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#NoOneCompares (Video Below) As much as we would like to think that there is no sense of comparison or competition on our worship teams, the reality is that singers, worship leaders, band members, even the tech crew can fall into the trap of comparison. We all have similar talents and gifts, but God has created […]

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Don’t Miss These 10 Things For Your Vocal Team


#SingEveryday (Video Below) If you are called to be a singer on a worship team, or if you are the worship leader, it’s important to work on developing your voice. There are certain habits and skills that every singer should develop to get the most of their voice. Here are 10 things you and your […]

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6-22-16 #SnapStory on #‎StrongWorshipLeaders‬


6-22-16 #SnapStory on #Snapchat   Avoiding the what-not-to-do’s make ‪#‎StrongWorshipLeaders‬ You will discover exclusive content of worship leading ideas when you Add #WorshipTT and follow our #SnapStories ❤️   #Snapchat: WorshipTT Add us on #Snapchat: Worshiptt ➡️ Watch Our SnapStories on Worship Leading to Equip Your Team ⏬

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Final Day To Sign Up 6-22-16 WEBINAR


As a worship leader and team, do you ever experience those awkward moments between songs? How do you get from one to the next, while maintaining the focus of engagement and music creativity? Stefanie Kelly says “On the worship team, you can’t be a solo; there is no room for individual-one-island mentality.” “The Art of […]

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Strong Worship Leaders Avoid These 10 Things


#StrongWorshipLeaders (VideoBelow) What makes a strong worship leader? People will tell you there are things you should do to be strong or better leader. However, it’s not about the things you do, but about the things you DON’T do. So what are the 10 things that worship leaders avoid so they can become strong? You are not strong […]

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Episode 5-25-16 @ 11am CST | Tommy Walker “Don’t Burn Out”


Join us for Episode 5-25-16 with Tommy Walker! Don’t Burn Out Tommy Walker says, “We all need to be encouraged and reminded so that we can persevere in the assignment God has given us and not call it quits.” Know what it means to stay healthy as a worship leader to prevent burnout. 11am CST Live […]

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Episode 5-11-16 | Season 5: Alva Copeland “Leading Worship in its Right Place”

Hanout 5-11-16

Join us for Episode 5-11-16 with Alva Copeland! “Leading Worship In It’s Right Place” Be a Worshiper 1st, Musician/Singer 2nd: “We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will.” -John9.31 To know God is to worship Him, to worship God is to […]

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Episode 4-13-16 | Season 5: Dan Spitz “The Metal Music Levite”

Hangout 4_13_16

Join us for Episode 4-13-16 with Dan Spitz! Hear Dan’s powerful testimony of how God moved him from darkness to light! 11am CST Live on 4-13-16 Right Here! QUESTIONS: 1. Can you share your testimony and God saved you, as well as your Jewish heritage? 2. How has God used your testimony as a witness […]

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Episode 3-16-16 | Season 5 “Misleading Worship”

Hangout 3_16_16 (1)

Trends will come and go, but we need to give thought to how they may affect the church. When it comes to the image of worship leading, we see a myriad of images and sounds of what a worship leader is to be like. Despite what we see in the popular trends, are we seeking to […]

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Episode 3-2-16 | Season 5 Scott Couchenour

Hangout 3_2_16

Scott Says: “And now these three remain: Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris. But the greatest of these is Hubris.” Join us with Special Guest: Scott Couchenour QUESTIONS: 1. What is hubris? What does it look like on stage? In meetings? At home? 2. How does my Hubris impact my worship leadership? 3. What’s the antidote to […]

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