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7-26-16 #SnapStory on #Jesus #TeachUsToWorship


 “Teach Us To Worship” 7-26-16 🔥🔥🔥 #SnapStory 💯on #Snapchat 👊 Leading worship goes far beyond your music, skill and title. Where does it end? Before the Throne of God. Where does it begin? As it did in the Beginning, God Himself. How is worship being led through #Jesus? @Branon Dempsey Article: Teach Us To Worship   📸 #Snapchat: WorshipTT Add us […]

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Be Like Jesus, Not Someone Else (Show #53)


#Jesus (Video Below) 3 min read Who Is Your Example? As a worship leader, who are some of your best examples? Perhaps it’s worship leaders you are familiar with like Tomlin or Redman? Perhaps it’s someone at your church you grew up watching? These examples are all valid, and you can learn a lot from […]

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Preventing Boredom In The Band (Show #52)


#Jesus (Video Below) 4 min read Does your band get bored? As a worship team and/or worship leader, doing songs week after week is all to familiar. We strive to keep things fresh and provide variety, while trying help our churches sing. But what happens when your band grows tired? How can you help prevent […]

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What’s Not About Worship (Show #51)


#Jesus (Video Below) 3.5 min read What Worship is Not. Worship is not confined to the one-hour event. It’s not a music trend and not about who/what is on stage. Worship is love to God expressing itself through action; but how are our actions really expressing themselves in Christ honoring worship? Also, how is that worship led in […]

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#Jesus Teach Us To Worship


#Jesus 4 min read Before we lead? How is our leading of worship and music both honoring to God? What are some ways you are allowing Jesus to use your abilities to draw people unto Himself? When we seek the right things by faith in Jesus, we live by a new perspective that only He brings. Leading worship […]

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Episode 5-25-16 @ 11am CST | Tommy Walker “Don’t Burn Out”


Join us for Episode 5-25-16 with Tommy Walker! Don’t Burn Out Tommy Walker says, “We all need to be encouraged and reminded so that we can persevere in the assignment God has given us and not call it quits.” Know what it means to stay healthy as a worship leader to prevent burnout. 11am CST Live […]

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Episode 5-11-16 | Season 5: Alva Copeland “Leading Worship in its Right Place”

Hanout 5-11-16

Join us for Episode 5-11-16 with Alva Copeland! “Leading Worship In It’s Right Place” Be a Worshiper 1st, Musician/Singer 2nd: “We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will.” -John9.31 To know God is to worship Him, to worship God is to […]

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Episode 4-13-16 | Season 5: Dan Spitz “The Metal Music Levite”

Hangout 4_13_16

Join us for Episode 4-13-16 with Dan Spitz! Hear Dan’s powerful testimony of how God moved him from darkness to light! 11am CST Live on 4-13-16 Right Here! QUESTIONS: 1. Can you share your testimony and God saved you, as well as your Jewish heritage? 2. How has God used your testimony as a witness […]

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Episode 3-16-16 | Season 5 “Misleading Worship”

Hangout 3_16_16 (1)

Trends will come and go, but we need to give thought to how they may affect the church. When it comes to the image of worship leading, we see a myriad of images and sounds of what a worship leader is to be like. Despite what we see in the popular trends, are we seeking to […]

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Episode 3-2-16 | Season 5 Scott Couchenour

Hangout 3_2_16

Scott Says: “And now these three remain: Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris. But the greatest of these is Hubris.” Join us with Special Guest: Scott Couchenour QUESTIONS: 1. What is hubris? What does it look like on stage? In meetings? At home? 2. How does my Hubris impact my worship leadership? 3. What’s the antidote to […]

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