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Nine Ways for Worship Leaders to Grow


#MyVictory  3 min read Making the Most of it.   For worship leaders, signers and musicians, we go through each week chasing the golden Sunday service. While leading services and making music is great, is this the only goal set before us? God has made you more than just for Sunday. Finding purpose is more than […]

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The Hardest Thing Your Band Can’t Keep (Show #73)


#MyVictory (Video Below) 3 min read Undistracted and unified As a worship band we want things to sound great. No, we don’t have rock-star famous people and bands in our team, but could you imagine what the music would sound like it you did? When you hear your favorite band or artist, the music is […]

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Worship Songwriting Contest!


  Enter the Worship Songwriting Contest! “Open Mic / Win A Mic” Deadline: October 29th, 2016 Hosted by Worship Team Training Sponsored by Shure Microphones and Read Details and Enter Here!  

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Jesus, My Victory! (Show #72)


#MyVictory (Video Below) 2 min read Feeling Defeated? As worship leaders, singers, musicians, and pastors, it’s easy to skip over the good and only see the negative. Whether if it’s that one negative comment, or that one wrong lyric, note or word, it feels like that’s the sign hanging over our heads stating our failure. In our […]

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Why Do We Hold Back In Worship? (Show #71)


#CallUponTheLord (Video Below) 4 min read Know when to hold ’em Why do we hold back in worship? When I was a young growing up in the church, I did what the other church-goers did: folded my hands and silently prayed before God. As reverent as this may sound, it was also so reserved. There was […]

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Episode 8-24-16 @ 11am CST | Zoro The Drummer


Join us for the Season 6 Premiere Episode 8-24-16 with Zoro The Drummer! Meant For More (Than Just Leading Worship) There’s more to being a worship leader and minister, than just leading people. Do you have a well-defined plan? Do you know the next steps to take? God has the right plan for the right time…and […]

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Episode 5-25-16 @ 11am CST | Tommy Walker “Don’t Burn Out”


Join us for Episode 5-25-16 with Tommy Walker! Don’t Burn Out Tommy Walker says, “We all need to be encouraged and reminded so that we can persevere in the assignment God has given us and not call it quits.” Know what it means to stay healthy as a worship leader to prevent burnout. 11am CST Live […]

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Episode 5-11-16 | Season 5: Alva Copeland “Leading Worship in its Right Place”

Hanout 5-11-16

Join us for Episode 5-11-16 with Alva Copeland! “Leading Worship In It’s Right Place” Be a Worshiper 1st, Musician/Singer 2nd: “We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will.” -John9.31 To know God is to worship Him, to worship God is to […]

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Episode 4-13-16 | Season 5: Dan Spitz “The Metal Music Levite”

Hangout 4_13_16

Join us for Episode 4-13-16 with Dan Spitz! Hear Dan’s powerful testimony of how God moved him from darkness to light! 11am CST Live on 4-13-16 Right Here! QUESTIONS: 1. Can you share your testimony and God saved you, as well as your Jewish heritage? 2. How has God used your testimony as a witness […]

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Episode 3-16-16 | Season 5 “Misleading Worship”

Hangout 3_16_16 (1)

Trends will come and go, but we need to give thought to how they may affect the church. When it comes to the image of worship leading, we see a myriad of images and sounds of what a worship leader is to be like. Despite what we see in the popular trends, are we seeking to […]

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