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Not About The Show


@KellySundsvold #NoShowBoat “Wow, she just killed that solo on Sunday!” or “His voice is amazing, he really brought it!” He brought what? His Bible? The Holy Spirit? And what was “killed”? The guitar? Was there a tragedy on the stage? Have you heard these phrases thrown around in the worship community? They may be just […]

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Making the Most of Your Voice


#YourVoice (Video Below) What are some of the vocal mishaps going on in your team? Common struggles for vocalists are mumbled words, mike technique issues, memorization problems as well as pitch and melody confusion. Sound familiar enough? Two of the main challenges I find in singers is to sing in time and to sing clean. […]

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Sing Your Prayers


#SingYourPrayers (Video Below) God is serious about our words in songs and our words in worship. Have you ever thought about how songs can take on a new meaning? Have you ever thought of how God can take a melody, by writing a song upon your heart all to sing from your lips  as a […]

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Don’t Rehearse Mistakes


#DontRehearseMistakes (Video Below) We all make mistakes, and none of us play or sing perfectly every single time. Psalm 37.24 says “though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.” Stumbling over notes, even after you have run them several times in your private practice, happens. Remember you […]

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Your Purpose is Perfect


#WorshipDevotional #PerfectPurpose (Video Below) Most of the time we do not realize the outcome of our efforts. Even when we may feel otherwise, God is always working on something larger than you. This is exactly the point: it’s about what God is doing. It may not be the perfect place, but God is the one […]

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Episode 4-13-16 | Season 5: Dan Spitz “The Metal Music Levite”

Hangout 4_13_16

Join us for Episode 4-13-16 with Dan Spitz! Hear Dan’s powerful testimony of how God moved him from darkness to light! 11am CST Live on 4-13-16 Right Here! QUESTIONS: 1. Can you share your testimony and God saved you, as well as your Jewish heritage? 2. How has God used your testimony as a witness […]

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Episode 3-16-16 | Season 5 “Misleading Worship”

Hangout 3_16_16 (1)

Trends will come and go, but we need to give thought to how they may affect the church. When it comes to the image of worship leading, we see a myriad of images and sounds of what a worship leader is to be like. Despite what we see in the popular trends, are we seeking to […]

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Episode 3-2-16 | Season 5 Scott Couchenour

Hangout 3_2_16

Scott Says: “And now these three remain: Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris. But the greatest of these is Hubris.” Join us with Special Guest: Scott Couchenour QUESTIONS: 1. What is hubris? What does it look like on stage? In meetings? At home? 2. How does my Hubris impact my worship leadership? 3. What’s the antidote to […]

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Episode 2-17-16 | Season 5: “Multi-generational Worship” Fred McKinnon

Hangout 2_17_16

Join us for a special Worship Team Hangout with Fred McKinnon as we talk about how we are to engage all generations in worship – all worship – young and old. Fred McKinnon says, “Multi-generational worship is more than just singing some old songs. It’s a philosophy of honoring multiple generations and recognizing what inspires […]

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Episode 2-3-16 | Lara Marriott: (Vocals) “Connect with God’s Heart in Worship”

Hangout 2-3_16

Join us for Episode 2-3-16 with Lara Marriott! A word on vocals and how we can better connect with the church in worship. 11am CST Live on 2-3-16 Right Here! QUESTIONS: 1. What does it actually mean to connect with God? 2. How does abiding in Christ help us connect? 3. What role does submission […]

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