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“WTT’s PowerWorkshop allows entire church teams to truly benefit and see results from a worship conference without the high cost of travel and conference expense.” 

– John Chisum / Worship Pastor Worship Songwriter / Producer




Evening Worship & Workshop

• Choose Either Friday or Saturday Night Worship
• Choose Public (Churchwide) Or Private Worship (Your Team Only)
• Opening Worship Led By Branon Dempsey
• Pre Service Rehearsal Time & Team Training
• During Service: Testimony by Branon Dempsey
• Concluding Time of Prayer



Session I. Worship Foundations

• Essentials For Biblical Worship
• Worship Foundations Session Follows Worship Service
• Key Worship Leading Insights
• Shaping Perspectives For Engagement
• Practical Team Leading Initiatives
• Identifying Cultures / Leading Authentic Worship



Full-Day Workshop

Session II. Music Studies 

• Simplify The Basics Of Music
• Increase Music/Chart Skills
• Creatively Arrange Your Songs
• Uncover Simple Musical Truths
• Develop New Music Tools
• Workbook music examples



Session III. Band Training

• Band & Vocal Hands-On Training
• Unify Instrumental Control & Technique
• Make Better Transitions
• Identify Parts & Layering Textures
• Polish Your Songs Towards Fresh Arrangements
• Maximize The Creativity Of Your Team



Session IV. Vocal Instruction

• Vocal Care & Essentials
• Easy Practical Warm-Ups
• Breath Control & Vocal Staying Power
• How To Maximize Your Natural Voice
• Making Harmony Work For You
• Workbook Vocal Exercises



Session V. Team Coaching

• Team Leadership Values
• WeekendWorkshop Wrap-Up / Recap
• Building A Healthy Worship Community
• Final Band Coaching Round
• Defining Your Ministry Goals
• Concluding Vision Prayer Time

Before we step foot on your campus, we will design and define the expectation of what will be delivered and the result from the WeekendWorkshop for your team.

Why learn in someone else’s environment,
when you can experience the training you need
at your convenience of your church?




What’s Inside a Worship Team Workshop?

We consult with you to develop a weekend of training that includes:


  • Worship Foundations
  • Music Studies
  • Band Hands-On Training
  • Vocal Instruction
  • Worship Leading Coaching


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