What Is Real Biblical Relevancy?


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How do we lead our people?

How do we develop a true understanding of God and relevancy?


Worship Is knowing God, and understanding God helps us to relate and leads people.

There’s more than just planning and leading services week-in and week-out. Yes, the service needs to be done right and led well. Our efforts may be well intended, but even the allure of our own worship services, can siphon-out Biblical authenticity. What does God really want? What does your heart really need, what do people really need?

Knowing God entails an intimate relationship, not just observing words through a set list. God wants us to know Him personally, actively and deeply. Once we do, we will also have a deeper love and understanding for people.

It’s tough to go deep. When we see what God sees, know what God knows, we see who we really are. We may see ourselves as broken, but what God sees is the need for His love to fill every crack. We are His vessel, maybe broken, but we are still His, and he loves every part of us.


Ministry and even doing other things we love can become escape from the brokenness we face. It may be easy to hide in our business, but it’s not easy to hide from God. But why do we hide?


He Desires Mercy, So Should We Be Merciful

It’s almost silly to think we can hide from the One who created Heaven and Earth. He is the One who comes and finds us, and makes His home with us. Not to condemn us, but to redeem us. When we keep His word, we are always in His loving presence. “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” – John 14.23

We respond to God’s love by repenting and by turning to God in confession – having a genuine desire to live rightly with Him. Returning to our First Love is not an outward religious motion, it is an internal change of the heart.

The Lord says in Hosea 6.6: “I desire mercy, not sacrifice. and acknowledgment of God, rather than burnt offerings.” God is not interested in what we lay on the altar. He is more interested in how we come to Him before the altar.

This is the kind of response God is seeking from those who worship Him. Acknowledgement of God is more than a mere recognition of God’s sovereignty, it is a knowing of His divine and great love that works within us. Knowing God entails intimate relationship, not intellectual assent.

God wants us to know Him personally, actively and deeply.


We’re all in repair

Even those of us in ministry, whether volunteer or staff, we wonder away from God and the things he desires for us to (really) do. Things like failure, disappointment and poor self-image can keep us from reaching forward. No matter, the true intimacy of God awaits. Calling us and drawing us. Do you hear hear His voice, even if it is in the silence?

God has not forgotten us. He is simply waiting for us. His compassion is greater than our brokenness. He is stronger than our fears. As we see in Hosea 2.14, He will heal us and restore us to relationship with Himself.

“I will show my love to the one I called: ‘Not my loved one.'” – Hosea 2.23

As worship leaders and members of ministry, it’s easy to get sucked into doing the thing of ministry. When we get over-consumed of our work and even art, we lose clarity of seeing the true image of Jesus.

God does not want us build more altars, run after relevant trends, or turn our hearts to other things. He desires for us to return to our First Love. Especially, in times of our brokenness, He makes His presence strong.


Worship Unbroken

When you experience the joy of this knowing and relationship of God, how can you use it to help draw others near to Him in worship and in life?

When we worship Him and ‘spirit and in truth’ we do more than just go through the motions. When we are joined by the Spirit of Christ, giving worth to Him because of His truth; because of who He is, we rightly respond to God in giving him authentic worship.

If each of us were to grow in this kind of relationship with God, how would worship then look in our churches? So then why, as churches, are we trying so hard to be something that we’re not?

God does not want counterfeit praise from the lips, but authentic worship from the heart.

Worship requires commitment. It’s a kind of commitment that only comes from God, as we agree with Him to operate through our lives. He is Sovereign and Lord over all things, this also is includes Him being Lord over our souls.

As believers we are His vessels. We are to move beyond mere knowledge about God, and to enter into a Biblically based relationship of worship with our living, loving holy God.

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