The Journey of a Worshiper


Know what it means to live worship and to live confidently in Christ. Worship is everyday living. Get the book!


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The Journey of a Worshiper New Release, collection of devotionals with over 100,000 completions as featured on, is now available in this new and expanded eBook by Branon Dempsey. Plus, get the Bonus Learner’s Guide! This book by Branon Dempsey explores practical Biblical truths and cross referenced Scriptures to help guide your way in Christ.


 “Worship is not confined to a Sunday morning. Worship is not restricted to a selected few. Worship is about fellowship with God, that becomes a way of living through everyday life. God is worthy of worship, will you let Him have it?” 




Here’s what other well-respected leaders have said about “The Journey of a Worshiper.”

“The Journey of the Worshipper is both instructional and devotional. This work is rich in scripture and offers needed encouragement and  practical training for every worshipper. Branon takes us on a life changing devotional journey leading us to increased intimacy with God.”

– Rick Muchow Worship Pastor and Coach (Former Saddleback Worship Pastor)


“Branon Dempsey shares Biblical principles and insight to help believers unlock their potential to grow deeper as faithful worshipers. As you read, embrace, and apply the inspirational messages to your walk, as God will help you to become the kind of worshiper He is looking for you to be.”

– Zoro the Drummer Performer, motivational speaker and author (Drummer for Lenny Kravitz, Lincoln Brewster; Phil Keaggy)



Learn to live each step as an opportunity to give God daily worship.

BONUS! When you purchase “The Journey of a Worshiper” you can also get the Learner’s Guide eBook to use as a Bible Study.

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