The City Harmonic | Elias Dummer | “Benediction” 7-21-17

“Real Worship Should Be Shared”

Special & Giveaway with The City Harmonic 

Are you crazy about worship music? You could win the new full album download from The City Harmonic “Benediction”

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The band The City Harmonic has been around for several years, but the band has announced that their latest album will be their final one, join us for the celebration and win the album!

Benediction Live: Worship From Churches Working Together in Canada
 was a full circle moment for the group, as it was recorded in the city where the group got their start, in Hamilton, Ontario, and celebrates the songs and unifying worship movement that became a soundtrack for worshippers around the globe.

Join The City Harmonic on a special Worship Team Training University show to hear about their new album, to learn why this was their final album, and to hear how they will be involved with future ministry in the church.


You could win the new full album download from The City Harmonic “Benediction”

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