Hangout 10-26-16 @ 11am CST | John Chisum

October 26, 2016 @ 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM America/Chicago Timezone

Worship Team Training Hangout

GUEST: John Chisum


It’s a common struggle we all face. It happens in our professions, schools, families and even in our churches. When it comes to meeting or failing the expectations from others, it can have a strong impact on the way we view ourselves. How do we live life to the full, without having to measure up to anyone else other than Christ?

Are you ready to stop measuring up and start walking out in faith to have God determine your biblical reality?

Topic Questions: 

1. As artists in the church, we can become our own worst critic. What are some things you see in ministry (or life), that tend to hold other people back from seizing their own assignment/purpose from God?

2. You have a hard day of leading worship. Someone looks at you funny during a particular song, or says something that rubs you the wrong way. How do you deal with the differing opinions and expectations in the church?

3. It takes courage to keep learning; it takes faith and trust to keep your eyes on Jesus. What are some things you do to stop measuring up to others?

Bio: John Chisum In his 30+ publishing and songwriting career, John has been the VP of Publishing for Star Song Media and the Director Of Song Development and Copyright for Integrity Music. He has worked with the best in Christian music and now brings his expertise and experience to you in this powerful training. *Also Register for John’s upcoming Webinar


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