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Contact Directory:

Branon Dempsey
CEO, Founder & Training Director
Texas Corporate Office

Suzie Stablein
Director of Workshops/Events & Promotions
Wyoming Office

Lee Porter
Booking Director / Local Workshops
Nashville Office
Aspiring Mark Agency

Sally Morgenthaler
WTT Staffing Mentoring
Colorado Office

Barry Westman
Editor In Chief and Event Manager
Wisconsin Office

Rich Kirkpatrick
Creative Content Strategist
Southern California Office

Shawn Sundsvold
Mentoring Ministry Coordinator
Maryland Office

Michael Peeler
WTT Publishing Editor & Bible Content Director
Lousianna Office

Kelly Sundsvold
Director of Workshops/Events & Promotions
WTT / WTTU Webiste Marketing Director
Maryland Office


WTT Board of Directors
Dan Lain : Head Chairman
John Chisum : Marketing & Development
Jennifer Lain : Director of Education
Lamar Pecorino : Education Development


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