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  1. Deattrya M Jenkins says:

    I am not a leader of any kind in the church other than a praise and worship leader however I am At work and my job(as well as my church) is operated and based on Kingdom principles and I want more so that I can walk in and keep my focus and everything about me and concerning me aligned with the Word of God.

    • branondempsey says:

      Deattrya, thank you so much for sharing! We are here to help and encourage you in your ministry! Please click on this link to learn how you can receive daily instruction for your growth:

  2. Dawn says:

    I am a Pastor’s wife in rural town Stapleton NE. Our congregation is about 25. I help lead worship & would like more information.

  3. Vicky Leyva says:

    I’m feel so blessed finding this website to develop and encourage mi knowledge about workshop, I am part of a workshop band as a leader singer and I’m really sure that I will be very blessed here.. I would love to receive daily instruction.

    Be Blessed

  4. LaShawn Abdel-Wedoud says:

    I am a born a gain Christian that has been sliding back in forth in the churvh for over 20 years. Last year I rededicated myself to CHRIST. I feel that GOD pulled me back, for such a time. My heart grieves for our youth, I want to have a youth worship ministry, where we go around the ccity w worshipping GOD through song and dance. I want our youth to be excited about CHRIST, so they can bring their experiences home, school, and in their communities. I feel like this is my purpose.

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