7 Ways To Keep the Church Singing

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Keep Them Singing

The human voice is the most basic instrument known to man. We have the ability (some more than others) to produce notes, pitches, and amazing effects.

Singing matters to people, but sing means and matters a whole lot more to God. As leaders, it’s our responsibility to help engage the people, so they may connect their hearts and their voices to God.

But what makes people sing?

What makes the stop singing?

More than what you realize, a solution can be found.

There are seven ways to help the eyes stop staring and the mouths to start moving.


Let it be known, there is nothing more worshipful, than the whole church praying and singing.

In our Weekend Workshops we teach the basic skills to advance concepts to keep your church singing. It’s not rocket science it’s just about knowing your people and knowing your msuic.

Qualities such as key and pitch are dependent upon the overall appeal, mood and framework of a song. The adverse effects hinders the participation of church worship.

Your role as a worship leader is to help your church follow the Holy Spirit. Your role as a music leader is to help your people sing. Much of this depends on your knowledge of music and your wisdom to stay spiritually connected to God.


Making music involves listening. Don’t do all the talking, do more listening to your church. If you were in a verbal in-person dialogue with another individual, you would expect to have a conducive dialogue. Listening, understanding and speaking are three essential keys to great conversation.


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In the role of the worship leader, it is much more effective for the leader to adapt to the congregation in picking the keys of songs. How does one do this? The leader needs to be in tune with the congregation. Knowing the ability, age and gender, also style of what the people can sing is mandatory.


The time of worship through song is to be an experience where people can connect without distractions. Singing too high (and/or too low), or at least over long durations of time will only force…

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